Stop fearing food and FINALLY take control of your nutrition!

Food Freedom Your Way will help you lose weight without giving up pizza and chocolate! This is exactly the method I give my 1 on 1 clients.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could ...

Stop starting over every Monday.

No foods were off-limits.

You could reach your weight loss goal without suffering and depriving yourself of meals out, pizza nights with the kids, and socializing with friends.

Here's the've been dieting, depriving yourself, and then what happens? You binge, which leads to you beating yourself up and then saying "I'll start back on Monday" or "I'll be good on Monday". Just to start the whole process over.

Wouldn't it be nice to finally balance eating whole foods most of the time and enjoying a plate of nachos while sitting down to Netflix, without feeling like you cheated?

My friend, food is not right or wrong . It didn't cheat, it wasn't bad. Let's reframe your way of thinking and allow yourself permission to enjoy all the delicious food that life has to offer.

"She wasn't pushing me to live the way she thought was best. She helped me make the changes I wanted."

I don't have a classic 9-5 job so a strict meal plan doesn't work. Randa worked around all of that to help me be successful in my goals.

What's Included...

What are you waiting for? It's time to feel empowered about your food choices, knowing they're serving you to meet your goals, not the opposite.

Food Freedom, Your Way is the complete system to help you lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods.

Learn how to set goals - the right way

Most of us set goals and forget about it, I teach you how to break it down so you reach them!

Figure out how much you need to eat each day.

Each of us are unique, how much you should be eating is individual just to you. I'll show you how to calculate it AND how to track it all.


Learn how to figure out your magic numbers to reach your nutrition goals while eating balanced meals and treats. 

If you keep going back to the same diet when you "fall off the wagon"'s not working.
What if your diet didn't control your life?

It's time to stop guessing at what fad diet you're going to try this week.

Feel confident in what you're eating day after day, knowing that you're nourishing your body, and reaching your goals, all while feeling fulfilled without deprivation.

Learn how much you should eat for your specific needs.

Get your customized macronutrient intake and learn how to adjust them.

See how easy it is to track without overwhelm and obsession, you'll take this one week at a time until it snowballs into one big habit.

Have a burning question?
  • How long is the sale being offered for?
    This special offer with discounted pricing and the bonuses will expire in 1 hour. So don't think twice!
  • How long will it take to see results?
    This depends on your goal. I go into this in the program on how to set it up so it works for you. Some people see results in the first week, others it may take a month. It's individualized.
  • How will I get the product after I purchase?
    You'll receive an email from me and from ThriveCart with your login details. From there you can jump in and get started.
  • What all comes with the purchase?
    You will get access to the program and in your dashboard, you will also find the download link to the bonuses.
  • Can I book coaching sessions too?
    Yes, I have an offer at checkout to book one on one time with me.
  • How long will I have access?
    You'll have access to Food Freedom, Your Way for life.
  • Do I have to pay monthly?
    Nope! Food Freedom, Your Way is a one time payment.
  • I'm breastfeeding, can I still use this to calculate my macros?
    Yes! I have a breastfeeding option in the calculations. Along with muscle gain, maintenance, and fat loss.
Sneak peak on the inside of Food Freedom, Your Way

Finally, stop stressing out about everything you feel like you're not doing right when it comes to nutrition, and instead, focus on working family's favorite foods into your lifestyle to help you meet your goals.

Get EXCITED about your food choices rather than dread them, now that you know that you can have fluffy pancakes for breakfast, salad for lunch, + enjoy pizza with the kids for dinner. (No one want's to eat a bowl of romaine while their family enjoys pizza.)

Regain your confidence! Forgot to turn on the slow cooker and now it's dinner and nothing is ready (don't ask me how I know). With the Food Freedom Your way system you know that your plan isn't ruined, you can wing it and still meet your goals because of the flexibility of this program. (And all the busy moms said AMEN!)

Get the Food Freedom, Your Way system now so you can ditch dieting forever.
Grab this product for just $197  (payment plan available) + BONUSES before this price disappears forever!

Let's take a closer look at what's included & how Food Freedom, Your Way is going to help you:

Learn as You Go Nutrition Program

With Food Freedom, Your Way you get everything that I teach clients in my 90 Day package for a fraction of the price.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Learn how much you should eat for your specific needs.
  • Get your customized macronutrient intake and learn how to adjust them.
  • How to track without overwhelm and obsession, you'll take this one week at a time until it snowballs into one big habit.
  • Long term habits for life.

Sustainable Lifestyle Habits

Most lessons are video-based and give examples of how you can incorporate my tips into your life.

What you get:

  • Tips and tricks on how to change your habits for life.
  • How to properly set goals for success.
  • Real life nutrition lessons, like how to read a nutrition label (the right way).

Long Term Success!

Once you learn how to set goals, and your nutritional needs, it's time to make it happen.

You get video lessons on the following:
  • How to meal plan, properly (and tips to save money at the grocery store).
  • How to meal prep without spending hours in the kitchen.
  • A list of craving busters to keep you from pantry shopping all night.

BUT WAIT! There's more...

It gets even better! When you purchase Food Freedom, Your way, you'll also get exclusive access to some AMAZING bonuses!


7 eBooks with delicious whole food based recipes.

What's Included: 

  • Busy Breakfast Recipes, quick and easy breakfast recipes.
  • 33 Nourishing Smoothies, delicious smoothie recipes.
  • Lazy Lunches, simple lunches that are for on the go or easy to meal prep.
  • Simple Snack Ideas
  • Healthy Meal Ideas, dinner recipes the whole family will enjoy.
  • Sensational Soups
  • Sweet Tooth Recipes, sweet toothers unite! Here are some delicious and healthy dessert recipes.

BONUS 2: 42 Healthy Snack Ideas ($5 Value)

Get my best selling digital eCookbook.

What's included: 
  • 42 delicious recipes of healthy snack ideas that are perfect for meal prep.

What are you waiting for?
This program was built with the busy mom in mind!
Randa Derkson, Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Creator, Food Freedom, Your Way

"I get it. I work in front of the computer all day. I have two kids that are picky and won't eat a kale salad and a husband who prefers meat and potatoes.

I know what it's like to be so tired at 5pm after a long day that dinner seems like a chore, so I serve my kids cereal and then feel like a failure for "cheating on my diet".

Then I started macros and my life changed. This is why I'm bringing you the Food Freedom Your Way Program."

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Step-by-step video lessons that walk you through how to set and reach your weight loss goals.

My secret sauce strategy to help you eat your favorite foods while losing weight. 

The members-only Facebook community to answer all of your questions as you go through the system... 

The fool-proof method to accomplish weight loss without starving yourself and avoiding your favorite foods.